Protect Your Cow

>> Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We have written this new website's head title protect your cow. It means we have to protect cows at any cost. It is base of India's economy. In India 80% population are dependent on agriculture. Cow gives us milk, urine, dung which can be used in fields. So, in real sense, cow is our real wealth.

Without cow, we can not live like without blood. But present time is very difficult time for cows. It is the time of examination of India's all cow's devotees. For security of cows, all India's cow devotees have to unite. Only saying Gau mata ki jai, Gau mata ki jai is not sufficient. But for taking weapons and fight against butchers practically on the road is very necessary.

Like protect of India, Chandershakher Ajad used weapons, we also have to pick the weapons for killing all cows butchers from India. After this all Hindu's mother can save from butchers.

Jai Gau Mata Ki

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