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>> Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear Friends and Cow Devotees,

My name is Satish Kumar. I am founder and writer of this website . I am also the president of Gau Raksha Dal Punjab. I want to protect our Cows from killing in India. I love cow from childhood because I worshipped cows as mother from my childhood. I want to live within cows. It is aim of my life to die for saving cows from Butchers.

I inspired from Saint Baba Sarvan Dass Ji Maharaj who served his all life for cows. He gave me the duty to protect all cows from butchers in India.

Recently Satish Kumar gave lecture on the protect of cows. Satish Kumar says, " Within 63 years, cows of India have been killed about 75 crores. More than 30,000 factories of Cow Slaughter are being operated under the control of Government of India and state. Satish Kumar has demanded from Govt., it should be banned immediately, otherwise, consequences may be very horrible. Cow is mother of every Indian and it is very useful for farmers.

It is my personal will that if I die before complete ban of killing of cows in India, ashes of my dead body must not fill in Ganga but it must keep in Gashala till ban cow slaughter.

About Gau Raksha Dal Punjab

We are group of cow devotees who voluntary serves for protect of cows by direct fight with killers of cows on the roads. As president of Gau Raksha Dal of Punjab which is registered society under society act, I protected more than 100,000 cows from killing since 1986. More than 500 cases against cows killers was filed in many states. There are lots of cases have been also filed against me as president of Gau Raksha Dal Punjab for protection of cows. But I did not fear from this, because I am saving my mother and other devotees are with me who took risk of life for protection of cows.


I do not trust on government support because Govt of India and other state governments are involve in cow slaughtering. But our objective is big and wide for protection all cows. This objective can only achieved by killing of all killers of cows. All cows devotees should unite for destructing of all cow slaughters. This is time not to martyr but to kill the killers of cows in India.

Our Need

1st : We need financial support for Gau Raksha Dal Punjab because we have fight against killers in court for giving them punishment.

2nd : For catching and stopping with fighting on road with cow killers, we need large numbers of vehicles.

3rd : For our security and security of cows, we need weapons for all Gau Rakshak.

4th : For expenses of whole time devotees who are ready to die for protection of cows.

5th : For payment to families of cow devotees who killed by killers of cows or due to court punishment.

6th : We also pay the medical expenses to all injured cows within road accidents and for curing diseases.We have also planning to appoint full time doctors who will treat the cows.

7th : Our also aim to send all cows in Gaushala and paid lots of money for feeding them.

8th : For promotion of protect of cows from cow killers, we operate seminars, conference and also give lecture in schools, colleges and jimidars of villages. We provide awareness of importance of cows for each family of each student.

Your Contribution

You can get the blessings of lard Shri Krishna if you contribution financial or any other way which is mentioned by us in following ways.

1. You can give us donation by deposit donation money in our following Gau Raksha Dal bank account

Our Gau Raksha Dal HDFC Bank Account No. 01621450000362

IFSC : HDFC0000162

Our SBI Bank Account No. 30191104734


2. You can give donation for cows by depositing cash in head office of our non-govt. organisation.

Satish Kumar ( President Gau Raksha Dal Punjab)

Head Office
Gau Shala Old Rajpura

Rajpura Town, Distict Patiala ( Punjab ) ( India )

3. You can also pay us the donation by bank draft and cheque which is payable to Satish Kumar, Rajpura at following Ga Raksha Dal's head office.

Satish Kumar ( President Gau Raksha Dal Punjab, Registered Society )

Gau Shala Old Rajpura

Distict Patiala ( Punjab ) ( India )

4. You can also donate via providing us vehicles for fighting the butchers, ambulance for helpless cows, weapons, petrol, diesel, Food for cows, medicines for cows and you can also donate land for Gaushala.

5. You can also become monthly or yearly members of Ga Raksha Dal Punjab.

Contact Us

Satish Kumar ( President Gau Raksha Dal Punjab, Registered Society )

Gau Shala Old Rajpura

Distict Patiala ( Punjab ) ( India )

Mobile No. 09814252878

Email : gaurakshadal@gmail.com

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govind December 28, 2010 at 4:51 AM  


Anonymous,  May 17, 2011 at 10:45 AM  

Dear Satishji,
Dandavats Pranam to you.

I always day dreamed that one day some kshatriya devotees would come and help destroying the elements going against Sanatan Dharma.

And today I am so happy to read about you. Lord Krishna is said to be the benefactor of cows and brahmanas (go brahmanya hitaya ca). And it is the duty of Kshatriya's to protect both the cows and brahmanas.

Thank you for your very good work. I pray that Lord Krishna empowers you more and more.

Hare Krishna.

Anonymous,  June 27, 2011 at 10:13 PM  

PLease contact various goushalas being run by different saints free of cost for such cows protected from butchers.
Like those in vrindavan, newai rajasthan etc.

This will reduce your cost of feeding the captured cows.

Anonymous,  October 7, 2011 at 12:24 AM  

Dear Satishji,

We are very much glad and honored to hear that finally someone is doing something in saving cows from such evil people..... The holy cow is our mother, and if we cannot protect our mother from enemies than we should be ashamed to call ourselves Hindus. Please also tell me whether if you have any programs in Delhi, I am eager to help out.

chitta December 23, 2011 at 8:37 AM  

satis jee namaskar,
ap ke bare mein jan kar bahut khusi hua,hum log odisha se ap ki tarah gomata ko kansai se bachate hain,
mail id-maabharatigoabhayaranya@yahoo.com

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