More than 50,000 cows are protected from slaughtering By Gau Raksha Dal Punjab

>> Sunday, October 3, 2010

Today, Satish Kumar told in press that with his Gau Raksha dal punjab team, he has protected more than 50,000 cows from slaughtering. This Gau Raksha Dal was made under charitable Society Act 1860.

"Prosperity looks for a place where cows walks fearlessly". Mother cow is so sacred that all demi gods choose to refuge in one or the other part of Its body. Krishna Himself worships and serves her. When Krishna was in braj, all the brajvasis used to keep, worship and serve the cows. Because of this service, streams of milk, yogurt, butter and butter milk (Chhachh) used to flow out of every home and every body used to be prosperous.

Satish Kumar told that Present situation is totally opposite of it. Few have that respect for cows any more because of degrading cultural values, lose of respect for Braj tradition and poor financial situation. Even Goshala owners find it hard to run such institutions. Since there is limited area for cows to graze, cows are going hungry and no milk is being produced. The cow owners are therefore forced to let them go for free or sell their cows to butchers for the skin. Essentially, a cow is being sold for 200 rupees to a butcher, who in return sells the cows skin for 15,000 to 20,000 rupees.

Taking on this unfortunate situation, Gau Raksha Dal Punjab has started Cow protection movement in India  with a vision of bringing the glory and majesty of mother cow back to its original form as it used to be in Krishna's time. He succeeded to protect more 50,000 cows since 15 years and still work of protecting cow is operating. By the grace of Lord Shri Krishna, the Gau Raksha Dal Project is also becoming a very impressive project. Gau Raksha Dal  is not protecting cow but also taking care of sick, abandoned cows. Moreover its devotee are helping the environment, and striving to provide many resources to the surrounding community. Other projects under construction include offices for the veterinarian, an animal hospital, apartments for the cow herders and visitors, a lab to process cow urine, access roads, and the purchasing of  vehicles for the transportation of cows.

Gau Raksha Dal's single aim is to free India from Cow Killing.

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