>> Monday, September 13, 2010

Gopashtami is a festival that commemorates the day Sri Krishana ji was promoted to cowherd from
a herder of calves. On the anniversary of this day, which usually falls in November,
herders bring hundreds of cows and their calves to Brij Dham from nearby barns .
The cows are beautifully decorated for the occasion: they are painted,
their horns are gilded, and they wear ankle bracelets and splendid
peacock-feather crowns. As the herders drive the animals through the narrow
streets of Brij Dham, men and boys tease and harry them in a riotous
rite called "cow play." Finally the cows are driven to Govardhan
Puja Courtyard where they are rewarded with a
feast of sweet dishes specially prepared for them.

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