Letter to Baba Ram Dev

>> Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Baba Ram Dev ( Indian Yoga Guru),

 You are saying to protect your cow, that is good but for doing this practical work is most difficult. We fight against the cow butchers on the front by taking the risk of our life. Our mission is to protect cows in India at any cost. But if you are true cow Devotee, then support us and encourage others to help for achieving our mission. Only After this, we can save cows from killing. If you will do this work, we will understand that you are doing real work for cows, otherwise just taking the mike and giving the lecture on Austha Channel on TV  is false advertising and getting false reputation. Or if you can not support financially, join our Gau Raksha Dal membership which is free of cost  for killing the cow killers on Highway where you and our Cow devotee will fight with cow butchers. Either we will die or kill cow butchers in this fight.


Satish Kumar ( President Gau Raksha Dal Punjab )

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