Meating with SP Ambala to Stop Cow Smuggling

>> Monday, September 13, 2010

SP of Ambala District had invited me personally for discusing how to stop the cow smuggling in Haryana from Ambala Border. In this meeting more than 200 Cows devotees and members of Gaushala participated.

In this meeting, SP Ambala accepted Gau Raksha Dal Punjab's request which is given in following lines.

Our Request :

For capturing cow butchers and helping Gau Raksha Dal, it is very necessary to give us 4 member of polic Zipsi.


SP accepted our request. And , in Ambala, a cow protection cell was created and one zepsi is available for 24 hrs. on border.

I am personality thankful to SP Madam Bharti Arora. All other Govt. Administrator should follow SP Madam for getting the blessing of Lord Shri Krishna.

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